Taking Care of the Trinity | Mind, Body, and Soul

Week 5 of The Artist’s Way and yep, I’m still in it.  I missed posting a few blogs last week, because I was struck by the Curse of The Artist’s Way: Productivity!

I’ve started The Artist’s Way several times and I’ve never made it past Weeks 5-7, because I am usually heavily involved in multiple projects by then.  Not busy work, but fruitful work.

Almost every major accomplishment I’ve had in the past decade was activated within these weeks: the decision to enroll in college in 2001; founding NuAFrikan Theatre in 2006; the production of Dream Deferred in 2012.

Cast of Dream Deferred.  Photo credit: Dave Gallardo | NuAFriakan Theatre (2012).
Cast of Dream Deferred. Photo credit: Dave Gallardo | NuAFrikan Theatre (2012).

My goal this time around is to finally make it to the end and complete the entire 12 Weeks.  Wish me luck!

On my Artist’s Date yesterday, I treated my Inner Artist to an Astrology Reading with artist and interfaith minister, Rev. Deborah Singletary of Vision Carriers.  It was a wonderfully cathartic experience and great opportunity to reflect on and connect multiple aspects of my life.

The Sign I've Been Waiting For, by Deborah Singletary.
The Sign I’ve Been Waiting For by Deborah Singletary.

The session got me to thinking about the Trinity.  Not specifically the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost), but my personal Trinity: my mind, body, and soul.  I think it’s past due time I start taking better care of all three of them.

For my mind, I decided that I would start Spiritual Counseling sessions with Deborah.  I view it as a way for me to develop my emotional, artistic, and spiritual growth (that’s a Trinity right there).

For my body, me thinks I shall finally utilize that gym membership I’ve been paying for.  I also think I’ll seek out those free West African dance classes around Harlem I used to go to with my cousin Thomascina before she passed.


Been watching my carbs for the past month, so a little more focus on what food I put into my body would be great.

That’s another Trinity: dance, exercise, and nourishment.

Lastly, for my soul, I thought I’d take up the Islamic practice of praying 5 times a day.  The thought crossed my mind when I was reading The Alchemist, which is influenced by several Islamic principles.


I only plan to observe the timing of prayer and not other rituals of the Salat.  Most likely, my prayers will be traditional Christian prayers; just a brief check-in with God and the Universe.

I’m also going to add daily spiritual reading to the mix and attending the occasional worship service.  That’s my final Trinity: prayer, worship, and reading.

My expectation is that I probably won’t be able to incorporate all of these within my routine.

But my thinking is that if I can get into the habit of any number of these (maybe three), I would have gained something wonderful for my mind, body, and soul.

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