As a playwright, Marcus explores the African American experience through a collection of original plays and musicals.

He is a recipient of the Jacob A. Weiser Playwright Award for Dream Deferred, which was nominated for the 2012 AUDELCO Dramatic Production of the Year.

Full Length Plays

Antichrist Lament is a two act play that follows the last days of Issa Mohammed, a poet who is inadvertently arrested for conspiring to commit terrorist acts due to his connections with the controversial New Harlem World Order, a radical political organization whose main agenda is to seek reparations on behalf of enslaved African Americans.

Between You, Me, and God is an adaption of Dargan’s personal writings and narratives from members of Rivers at Rehoboth, an affirming church located in Harlem, NY. The culminating play is an ethnodrama that embodies personal journeys of sexuality and spirituality through the eyes of LGBT Christians within the black church.  CLICK HERE for the research abstract and full script.

Dream Deferred explores gentrification in Harlem through the monologues of African-American residents of a pre-war building, who’s survival is threatened by the newly built condominium across their street.

Lil’ Mama and the Big System is the third play in Marcus Dargan’s trilogy of Harlem plays. Lil’ Mama and the Big System tells the tale of Lil’ Mama, a drug addicted mother of multiple children by multiple fathers, who is a mandated prostitute appointed by the System, a government bureaucracy of the future.

Children’s Plays

Kambo and the Singing Turtle is based on a pan-Afrikan folktale of Kambo, a foolish child who creates a whole lot of trouble for himself after finding a singing turtle.

Anansi the Spider Prince and the Origin of Stories is a series that retells the stories of Anansi the Spider through storytelling, music, dance and audience interaction.

Works in Progress

  • Chronicles: The First Family, Television Drama Series
  • Dorsey, Jukebox Musical
  • The Negro Speaks, Full Length Play
  • Son of a Preacher Man, Musical