My Photography Debut

As promised in my blog earlier this week, here are some of the photos that I took on my photography artist’s date this Sunday.  

These are in no way high art.  I wish I could say that I took phenomenal pictures that would blow you away, but my focus was simply on studying basic principles of photography.

For the picture above, I practiced focusing on a specific spot of the iron fence. You’ll notice that that middle section of the fence is in focus.

That’s what I was going for.  That random guy just happened to be passing by.

The following pictures are of the cannon in Riverside Park.  I actually took multiple photos of it, making adjustments for the sunlight with the aperture and shutter speed for different results.


You’ll notice slight differences in texture, contrast, and the change of detail in the background.

This last photo is of a pair of shoes hanging in a tree.  It was a random photo I took when I first got my hands on the camera.


As you can see, the focus and composition of the photo is all over the place, because I hadn’t learned anything yet.  Maybe I’ll go back and take a better photo of it now that I’ve learned so much.  

Shoes hanging on trees and wires in the city have always fascinated me. There’s always a little bit of mystery and magic in those shoes.

It reminds me of my childhood in the South Bronx.  Whenever I saw a pair of hanging shoes, I would imagine a story about its owner and how they got up there.

A special shout out to my impromptu masterclass instructor Kisho of KLF Photography who generously shared his time, talents, knowledge, and passion for photography with me.

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