Discovering Your Personal Legend

In The Alchemist, a Personal Legend is one’s destiny in life.  It is the path that leads to an individual’s highest potential in the physical and spiritual worlds.

For the boy, the catalyst for his quest to discovering his Personal Legend is a buried treasure revealed in a recurring dream.

How do you know what your Personal Legend is?

You may already know it, but if you are unsure, try listening to your own dreams.


We all have dreams: what we want to be, things we want to do, places we want to go.  In all of these, there is one dream that keeps calling us.


It’s a dream that may seem the most unattainable.  The dream that we push to the background of our minds while we run around doing busy work, but rises occasionally to the forefront when we are alone in thought.

It’s not the safe dream.  It’s the dream that will take a whole lot more than just our desires for it to manifest itself.  It’s the dream that just may seem too big right now.


It is the dream that disrupts our comfortable routine of complacency.  It’s the dream that exposes who we truly are, making us extremely vulnerable if we decide to pursue it.

At times it seems unrealistic, so we dismiss it as just another silly dream.  We know we want it, but we don’t fully claim it, because we don’t want to fail.


That dream is your Personal Legend.

Here’s an exercise from The Artist’s Way that can help spark the discovery of your Personal Legend.  It’s called “Buried Dreams”.


It is an exercise in spontaneity, so be sure to write your answers out quickly.

1. List five hobbies that sound fun.

2. List five classes that sound fun.

3. List five things you personally would never do that sounds fun.

4. List five skills that would be fun to have.

5. List five things you used to enjoy doing.

6. List five silly things you would like to try once.


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